Thursday, April 29, 2010

Tessera Got First EDoF Royalties

Business Wire: Tessera announced its Q1 2010 results. Imaging & Optics revenue was comprised of $3.1M in royalties and license fees, and $5.4M in products and services. Tessera siaid it received first royalties for its EDOF technology in the first quarter. The company anticipates EDOF royalties will continue to grow throughout this year as additional OEMs ship mobile camera modules with our EDOF technology.

In terms of outlook, Q2 2010 Imaging & Optics royalties and license fees revenue is expected to range between $3.0 M to $3.5M. Imaging & Optics products and services revenue is expected to range between $5.5M to $6.0M.


  1. I thought trolls were non-practicing entities that simply collected patent royalties without doing any development or building product.

    Tessera has a signficant staff of people doing development and porting it to customer designs. I can't see how that maps into being a troll.

    Did I miss something?

  2. Tessera acquires companies and IP. It does little to build this IP out further. Case in points: FotoNation's IP and Shellcase. Ask numerous companies who were sued over that past two years in the memory sector if they're a troll.

  3. what do their engineers do if what you say is correct? I believe they have several hundred.

  4. > Case in points: FotoNation's IP and Shellcase

    Fotonation lawsuits: zero. Fotonation licensees - tons, including Samsung just announced recently.

    Shellcase lawsuits: zero. Shellcase licensees - several announced last year.

    So companies are signing up voluntarially for licenses. They must see value in them.

    >It does little to build this IP out further

    Shellcase did not have a silicon through via package when it was acquired, now it does. FotoNation did not have face recognition when it was acquired, now it does.

    Facts are tough things when they sit there and defy your opinions.

  5. Do you think companies are voluntarily signing up or they sign up when they are approached because they will get sued otherwise.

  6. It's a combination - some voluntary because they see value, some because they will get sued.


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