Friday, April 09, 2010

Rolling Shutter Reduction in Video

PrMac: While not directly related to image sensors, Australian company CoreMelt presents rolling shutter reduction extension to it's video image stabilization software. Quite an obvious idea when one thinks about it, but CoreMelt claims its the only video stabilization software with rolling shutter reduction. CoreMelt demos its software at NAB 2010.

However, just a year ago at NAB 2009 another company, UK-based The Foundry, presented its own rolling shutter reduction subroutine.

With modern power ISPs and gyros embedded in every other camera phone, one can guess that sooner or later rolling shutter compensation becomes a standard ISP feature.

There are some extreme cases of the rolling shutter wobbling on Youtube. A good compensation subroutine has to deal with cases like this one:

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