Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Omnivision is Declared #1 on Camera Phone Market

Investors Business Daily published article composed of quotes from different analysts on Omnivision:

"We believe they're going to be in the new-generation iPhone, which will generate momentum in the second half of the calendar year," said Tristan Gerra, a senior analyst at Robert W. Baird & Co. "We're seeing a sharp pickup in smart phone orders right now," Gerra said. "This certainly helps Omni, given that it's the No. 1 supplier of image sensors in the cell phone market."

"The prospect of Verizon possibly carrying the iPhone has driven a lot of the excitement behind OmniVision's stock," said Betsy Van Hees, an analyst at Wedbush. "OmniVision is a product cycle story. The big growth driver is the fact that we're seeing smart phones move from three to five megapixels."

Raymond James analyst Hans Mosesmann expresses "concerns on mega-pixel density stagnation with a market that may not wish to pay the premium OmniVision's best-in-class technology delivers."

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