Thursday, May 23, 2013

Gigapixel Camera-as-a-Service Project

Imaging Resource: Duke University Gigapixel camera project tries to raise funds for Camera-as-a-Service project. The business idea behind the new company called Aqueti is to bring the bulky AWARE-2 camera to various events and make Gigapixel images available to everybody for a fee. The image resolution is said to be much better than smartphone panoramas:

and better than DSLRs:

The Duke University camera is based on an array of Aptina's 14MP 1.4um pixel sensors:

So far, the Kickstarter fundraising campaign brought $400 out of $25,000 target:

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  1. Was this kickstarter sanctioned by DARPA (who was behind the camera research), or was it just some student trying to make a quick buck (and free road trip) with lab property?


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