Saturday, May 04, 2013

Imec Achievements in 2012

Imec has published its 2012 annual report listing its image sensor achievements over the past year:
  • Developed BSI process
  • Started developing embedded CCD process having CCD sensing part combined with CMOS readout
  • First prototype of a hyperspectral sensor integrating Fabry-PĂ©rot interferometers directly on top of a CMOS image sensor, i.e. as an extension of the CMOS process flow.
  • Developed a lens-free microscope with 25sq. mm field of view and 2um resolution, another one with 800nm resolution
  • In collaboration with an industrial partner designed, fabricated and characterized a full CMOS imager. It features more than 8MP resolution and includes advanced column ADCs. Successfully processed the imager in imec 0.13um technology.

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  1. Is there a paper with the "advanced column adcs" from Imec published somewhere??


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