Monday, May 13, 2013

IISW Program Published, Awards Announced

I received this announcement from Eric Fossum: The program for the IISW has been posted on the IISS website. The program of 2013 IISW includes 3 invited presentations, 59 regular presentations, 46 short posters presentations and poster viewing reception (108 papers).

One of the highlights of the meeting will be a special presentation by Michael F. Tompsett, one of the earliest pioneers in CCD image sensors and recipient of the 2012 IEEE Edison Medal and 2011 (US) National Medal of Technology and Innovation Laureate.

In addition to the awarding of the 2013 Walter Kosonocky Award, two other significant awards will be presented.

Albert JP Theuwissen will receive the 2013 IISS Exceptional Service Award for his exceptional contribution he has made to our community in the education of image sensor technologists through his books, university teaching, organization of various educational activities in conjunction with IEEE and IISS meetings, and his work in continuing professional education through Harvest Imaging.

The Board of Directors of the International Image Sensor Society (IISS) is pleased to announce the creation of a new award, the Exceptional Lifetime Achievement Award. This Award is made to a member of the image sensor community who has made substantial sustained and exceptional contributions to the field of solid-state image sensors over the course of their career. The award will be made preferentially to someone in the global region of the meeting (Americas, Europe or Asia) as the IISW moves around the globe.

Gene Weckler will receive the 2013 IISS Exceptional Lifetime Achievement Award. Among other significant contributions, in 1967 Gene published a seminal paper entitled: “Operation of pn junction photodetectors in a photon flux integrating mode,” in the IEEE J. Solid-State Circuits. Nearly every image sensor built since then has operated in this mode. Gene also published several early papers on what are now called passive pixel image sensors during his time at Fairchild. In 1971 he co-founded RETICON to further commercialize the technology. RETICON was acquired by EG&G in 1977. Gene stayed with EG&G for twenty years serving in many management roles including Director of Technology for the Opto Divisions. In 1997 Gene co-founded Rad-icon to commercialize the use of CMOS-based solid-state image sensors for use in x-ray imaging. Rad-icon was acquired by DALSA in 2008. Gene retired from full time work in 2009 but continues as a member of the Advisory Board for the College of Engineering at Utah State University. He is a Life Member of the IEEE and a member of the SPIE. The IISS is very pleased to recognize Gene Weckler’s many contributions to the field of solid-state image sensors over the course of his career through this new award.

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