Monday, May 20, 2013

Gesture Recognition Startup Wins MIT $100K Entrepreneurship Competition

3dim earned the grand prize at this year’s MIT $100K Entrepreneurship Competition after successfully pitching its business plan to merge gesture-recognition and smart devices. The need for power-hungry, specialized hardware has kept gesture recognition from mobile devices — problems that 3dim has now rectified, co-founder Andrea Colaco, a PhD student at the MIT Media Lab, said during the winning pitch.

"What is the next interface [for mobile devices]? … The answer is gesture recognition," Colaco said. "Every mobile-device manufacturer is scrambling to bring gesture-recognition into their devices. This is an immediate and unaddressed market."

A Vimeo video shows 3dim pitch:

In this Youtube video dated by Jan 2012, Andrea Colaco explains how her ToF CODAC (Compressive Depth Aacquisition Camera) works:


  1. What happens if some of the objects are moving during the acquisition ?

    -yang ni

  2. Will it require at least >2x power for illumination comparing to other ToF methods with same accuracy? Even current state-of-the-art ToF technology is prohibitive for mobile market due to power consumpion.


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