Saturday, May 11, 2013

Sony Reports Higher Image Sensor Sales

SeekingAlpha published Sony annual earnings call transcript talking about image sensor business, among other things. Sony reports "unexpected significant increase in sales of image sensors" "reflecting higher demand for mobile products" over the past fiscal year ending March 31, 2013. Few other quotes:

"We have advanced technology in image sensor and semiconductor areas... and we will continue to make active investments so that's one of the important areas of usage of cash we have at hand."

"Although the markets for interchangeable single lens camera is growing steadily, the Digital Imaging industry, as a whole, is undergoing changes in market forces, including rapid contraction of market for compact digital camera and the market contraction for video cameras. Under these conditions, Sony will accelerate, therefore, enhanced product appeal in high value-added models by utilizing key devices developed in-house, such as image processing engines, lens and image sensors. One example, is the critically acclaimed RX series of high-resolution premium camera models that use high-performance image sensors."


  1. How much of this is related to weaker Yen?

    1. Managers will attribute all the good performance to their own decisions, not to the environments such as weaker yen.


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