Thursday, May 23, 2013

Omnivision Predicted to Capture Smartphone Market in China

Benzinga: Oppenheimer analyst Martin Yang claims in a report: "Our checks indicate the mid-end to high-end smart phone market, particularly in China, is seeing faster growth than we had originally modeled. ...For the near/medium term we believe OVTI is best positioned to capture the majority of rear camera slots in emerging markets such as China. OVTI offers superior performance for value and has not yet met much competition in the 5M and 8M category from emerging low-cost competitors."


  1. I thought Galaxy core holds No.1 share position in China market, because they are Chinese company.

    1. Galaxy core only has 2M and below image sensors.

  2. I think that the competition in high end phone camera sensors comes from HiMax and also newly structured SOI in Taiwan. Rumor says that some of these companies buy wafers from STM and commercialize under their brand. Price is always the strongest lever on the consumer market when your quality becomes acceptable.


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