Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Nokia Lumia 920 Uses Sony Sensor

Yole Developpement and SystemPlus Consulting published a camera reverse engineering report of the new Nokia flagship phone, the Lumia 920. Its 8.7MP camera is based on Sony 1.4um BSI sensor, while most of other Nokia mobile phones rely on ST and Toshiba for rear camera imager:

The module features OIS with lens shifted in parallel to sensor and ST-manufactured gyro. DPReview quotes Juha Alakarhu talking about OIS in the 925 model, 920's sibling:

"I think we are the only in the smartphone market to it the way we are doing it. We are moving the lens so that it stays parallel to the sensor at all times, for example, not tilting it unlike some other systems, because when you are tilting it means the corners become blurry and that seriously limits the power of the optical stabilization. So I think the OIS we have is really unique and the amount of time and effort we’ve put in building it and optimizing it, I think the result is there."

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  1. The structure combining the system gyroscope, with the stabilizator and the VCM in the same module is quite interesting considering the low height of the module. It might become a standard in the future.

    Does anyone have an idea about the camera module assembler and the VCM manufacturer?


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