Thursday, May 30, 2013

SiOnyx Aims High

Boston Business Journal has interviewed SiOnyx CEO Stephen Saylor. Few quotes:

  • "In the first quarter of this year SiOnyx began generating its first product revenue — from defense industry customers — and now expects to expand its sales throughout the rest of the year."
  • The technology can also be used for mobile biometrics such as to positively identify a user without using a name and password, he said. SiOnyx expects to begin targeting consumer applications for the technology in 2014, Saylor said.
  • The firm now believes it's at a critical stage, he said. "We've taken the technology risk out, and we're about to hit the 'go button' and ramp up manufacturing." Ultimately, Saylor said, "I think this is a multi-billion dollar company."
  • SiOnyx has raised $34 million in venture funding to date, "which for a fabless semiconductor company is not a whole lot of money," he said.
  • SiOnyx currently employs 30, split evenly between offices in Massachusetts and Oregon, and expects to begin adding staff in sales and marketing soon, Saylor said. Overall the firm expects to double its headcount over the next 18 months, he said.


  1. OmniVision and Aptina, after so many year, are just billion-dollar companies...

  2. THE HISTORY OF “BLACK SILICON” IN PHOTODETECTOR PATENTS was published on this blog on 21 Dec. 2012. Black silicon is a very old topic dating from the 1960's or even before, laser ablation texturing of silicon was reported by the Navy electronics lab in San Diego in 1992 and again in 2003, front side texturing of silicon imager pixels was patented by Micron Technology in 2005, and backside texturing of photodetectors was patented in 1969. Hamamatsu has an excellent description of the backside texturing of photodetectos in 2010, K. Yamamoto, A. Sakamoto, T. Nagano, and K. Fukumitsu, “NIR sensitivity enhancement by laser treatment for Si detectors,” Nuclear Instr. and Meth. Phys., Vol. A624, 2010, pp. 520-523.
    The texturing of solar cells is separately also a very old topic.

  3. Science and technology progress always spirally. It's not surprising to see the old topic comes after a long period of silence.


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