Sunday, May 26, 2013

PMD News

Infineon announced a cooperation with PMD about a year ago. Now Infineon published the PMD ToF sensors page on-line under the name "Infineon 3D Image Sensor". Two sensor are being offered as of now: QQVGA 160 x 120 pixel (19k pixel) and CIF 352 x 288 pixel (100k pixel) ones.

Meanwhile, German-language Elektrotechnik reports that 100% of PMD shares are acquired by IFM Electronic GmbH group of companies.


  1. IFM is an industrial sensor maker. What are the typical industrial applications for ToF sensor please??

  2. Actually ifm is selling industrial sensors with pmd chips inside since 2005

  3. Dear Anonymous,
    your are right, we are useing PMD Technologie since 2005. An example for applications:

    best regards - ifm electronic

  4. Thanks IFM friend! How can you compare this ToF sensor to laser triangulation based one please??

  5. ifm just introduced a new PMDLine:

  6. I have buy the IFM product(PMD 3D Sensor) for pre-determine the package size in terms of Width ,Height and length.

    for example :
    I have place one small box on ground and PMD 3D Sensor are placed directly straight overhead of same box. so i want to find out the measurement of that box.

    So please help me how to do that?

    If you have any helpful file or code for to determine the size of object in terms of Height ,width and length then please share with me.

    Please reply me asap.


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