Friday, November 17, 2017

Google Applies for RGB-Z Sensor Patent

Google patent application US20170330909 "Physical Layout and Structure of RGBZ Pixel Cell Unit For RGBZ Image Sensor" by Chung Chun Wan and Boyd Albert Fowler is a continuation from PCT filing of WO/2016/105664 in 2014. The application proposes a 5T pixel for ToF imaging intermixed with 4T or 5T RGB pixels:

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  1. Both SoftKinetic (which is now Sony) and Samsung filed on this concept a couple of years ago. Also, Google, not being an imaging supplier of any kind, is a Non-Practicing Entity (NPE). Also, Fowler moved to OVT. So I don't know why Google would bother with this, other than it was in a pile of applications and was pushed on automatically along with others to see what will stick.

    Waste of paperwork by both Google and the government.


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