Sunday, November 26, 2017

Harvest Imaging Forum Agenda

Harvest Imaging announces its 2017 Forum Agenda “Noise in Analog Devices and Circuits” by Christian Enz:
  • Introduction
  • Random signals and noise, Main noise sources of circuit components
  • Noise models of basic components
  • Noise Calculations in Circuits
  • Noise calculation in continuous-time (CT) circuits
  • Noise sampling
  • Noise calculation in switched-capacitor (SC) circuits
  • Noise simulation
  • Trade-offs between Noise and Power Consumption
  • The simplified EKV MOS transistor model
  • The concept of inversion coefficient and the design methodology
  • Basic trade-offs in analog design
  • Figures-of-merit (FoMs) as design guidelines, Key FoMs parameters extraction
  • Noise and Offset Reduction Techniques
  • Switch nonidealities
  • The Autozero (AZ) technique
  • The Chopper Stabilization (CS) technique
  • Recent trends in noise and offset reduction techniques
  • Example of a Low-noise CMOS Imager
  • CMOS image sensors (CIS)
  • Noise reduction in CIS
  • A sub 0.5erms noise VGA imager in standard CMOS
  • Future improvements


  1. What is the envisioned date for this forum please? Thanks!

    1. 7 & 8 December 2017 (session 1),
      11 & 12 December 2017 (session 2)


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