Wednesday, November 22, 2017

KB Securities: High-End Smartphone Camera ASP to Rise to $60-90

BusinessKorea says that the next generation Samsung Galaxy S9 smartphone will feature a "3-stack layer" image sensor capable of 1,000 fps speed. The newspaper says it will have a dual camera on the rear. It's not clear whether the both sensors would be that fast or just one of them.

Korea-based KB Securities analyst Kim Dong-won believes that "When Samsung Electronics applies 3-stack layer laminated image sensors to smartphone cameras next year, the ASP of camera modules will double or triple to US$ 60 to US$ 90 due to the installation of super high-priced image sensors, camera module parts and design changes among others."


  1. Glad that more expensive cameras are going into cellphones. If you bought a standalone camera for a few hundred bucks it really wouldn't be very good (nor particularly bad, for the price).

    I'm paying more than several hundred dollars for the phone, should I get a phone with a $30 camera or the one with the camera costing over $100 - seems an easy choice if taking photos and videos is one of your main uses.

    I hope Samsung puts more memory onboard than Sony did (with it's 0.18 second limit on high speed 720P recording).

    1. Wow, I couldn't agree more on the disappointment with Sony's extremely short burst and very muddy looking video.
      I hope Samsung Incorprates 1080p for atleast a few seconds.

      I hope Samsung also improves its processing Algorithms for video and photo to Pixel 2 levels. It has a great pesd over most of the competition till the S6. Since then the quality improvement for both photo and video has been very paltry.
      I am hoping that a faster sensor also improves the HDR quality for both photo and video.


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