Thursday, November 23, 2017

NHK on 8K Image Sensor Development

IEEE Broadcast Symposium publishes NHK Hiroshi Shimamoto video presentation "Development of 8K UHDTV Cameras and Image Sensors:"


  1. "Lower power means better picture quality" Huh? How, Why?
    I wonder how down compressed this 8K broadcast will be... you can have 4K but if the bitrate is encoded down to 1MBps, it's not much of a 4K experience...

    1. When the power is higher the noise is greater due to the heat. I am not aware of any tech in contradiction with that.

      As for the 1MBps - how did you come with this up?

  2. Am I understanding this correctly? They use 3 CMOS sensors for the RGB?


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