Wednesday, November 15, 2017

More about Sony 7.42MP Automotive Sensor

Nikkei publishes a 4-page article on Sony 1/1.7-inch IMX324 ADAS sensor. Sony says "We will sell the product with intent to achieve 100% share (of the market for image sensors designed for sensing cameras to be attached to the front side of vehicle)."

The main points are:

  • Its power consumption at full 7.42MP resolution 40fps is 500-600mW, which is the industry's smallest, according to Sony.
  • The new sensor has the highest sensitivity in the industry and is the industry's first automotive image sensor that features security functions, Sony said.
  • Sony started to contact Mobileye from an early stage of the development of the new product and responded to many demands of Mobileye.
  • However, the new product was developed not only for Mobileye. The specifications required by Mobileye are "commonly-required specifications," Sony said.
  • Sony is to ship samples in November 2017 and to start volume production in June 2018.
  • Sony uses a laminated stacked design, the first laminated-type automotive image sensor, the company said. "We applied a process that is two or three generations more advanced that the processes used for existing automotive image sensor products."
  • Sony improved the sensitivity by using an RCCC CFA. Image recognition is possible with Mobileye's without using all of the RGB colors.


  1. 40fps for full resolution is too low for automotive application.

  2. Probably because CSI-2 running at 1GHz maxes out at ~48.5fps for 7.42MP sensor. 12M30 at 10bit requires 1GHz using 4 lanes.

  3. 40fps is too slow and CSI-2 DPHY 1.2 is capable of much faster per lane and the Maxim and TI serializers can transmit it. This is definitely a sensor limitation. The quote that Sony is trying to achieve 100% share shows just how little they know about the Automotive market, as T1s and OEMS will always have multiple vendors for pricing and supply.

  4. This is 48fps @ full res, wich means that in 4K will give 60+fps, and more...

    Whats is more exiting:

    ony says that the new sensor is almost three times the horizontal resolution of conventional IMX224MQV products which enables it to capture distant road signs which are at a distance of 160 meters ahead of the camera with the help of an FOV 32° lens.

    For rising the quality and the sensitivity, the sensor is equipped with a pixel binning mode that adds multiple pixel data to raise sensitivity further. Thus making it possible to capture images of pedestrians and obstacles even in dark nighttime situations with a sensitivity of 2666 mV.

    Low loght @ 160m road sign:

    1. The question is that when this sensor is mounted on a moving car, can it still capture such high resolution with vibrations ?

  5. Anyone else understand Sony's arbitrary units of light level expressed in millivolts?

  6. Is there a line-up of sony automotive image sensors?


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