Sunday, November 12, 2017

Omnivision Wafer Level Endoscope Camera

Omnivision patent application US20170310890 "Ultra-Small Camera Module With Wide Field Of View, And Associate Lens Systems And Methods" by Tsung Wei Wan, Ting-yu Cheng, Wei-ping Chen, and Chuen-yi Yin, sheds some light on wafer level optics design of a miniature endoscopic camera, possibly the single-chip camera and optics version of this one:


  1. What's the difference with the Awaiba wafer level camera for endoscopes or the technology used by Anteryon?

    1. Awaiba and Anteryon wafer level optics that I have seen is simpler that what Omnivision presents in its patent application. Omnivision filed another application talking just about the optical design which is quite complex:


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