Monday, November 13, 2017

Leti and EVG Show World's First 300-mm Wafer-to-Wafer Direct Hybrid Bonding with 1um Pitch

PRNewswire: EV Group (EVG) and CEA-Leti present the world's first successful 300-mm wafer-to-wafer direct hybrid bonding with pitch dimension connections as small as 1µm. This breakthrough also achieved copper pads as small as 500nm using EVG's fully automated GEMINI FB XT fusion wafer bonding system. The system achieved overlay alignment accuracy to within 195nm (3-sigma) overall, with mean alignment results well centered below 15nm. Post-bake acoustic microscopy scans of the full 300-mm bonded wafer stack as well as specific dies confirmed a defect-free bonding interface for pitches ranging from 1µm to 4µm with optimum copper density.

"To our knowledge, this is the first reported demonstration of sub-1.5µm pitch copper hybrid bonding feasibility," said Frank Fournel, head of bonding process engineering at Leti. "This latest demonstration represents a real breakthrough and important step forward in enabling the achievement and eventual commercialization of high-density 3D chip stacking."

GEMINI FB XT fusion bonding system from EV Group
with SmartView NT aligner (sub-200nm, 3-sigma accuracy).

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