Monday, November 06, 2017

Smartphone Camera Cost Comparison

TechInsights compares Huawei Mate 10, Apple iPhone 8 and Samsung Galaxy S8 smartphones costs. It appears that Huawei invests most in cameras - 12% of the total cost, while iPhone 8 is 7% and Galaxy S8 is 8%:


  1. I find those camera prices a little hard to believe. Is it really possible that the S8's single camera costs $5.50 more than the iPhone 8's dual?

    While the Samsung uses a larger sensor (1/2.55"), Apple has two (maybe 1/2.8" + something smaller for the tele cam), two VCM (one with OIS like Samsung's), and uses flip-chip that will add cost, even at their economies of scale. Apple also does some other things that add a little cost here and there.

    1. Iphone 8 is single camera. plus model and iphone X are dual camera

  2. Huawei probably pays more because they are not Apple and because they don't have their own fab like Samsung, hence not investment, just cost.

  3. Comparing oranges and peers there .. If you don't take into accounts volumes and who makes what the comparison is totally irrelevant...

    Samsung designs and produces many of its own chips so you would expect lower cost that buying form someone else... Apple designs its core processor or some other co-processors but gets it manufactured by SAMSUNG and others so their cost structure is different and no one knows how much effort is spent in designing those chips - it's blended in the mix... Apple has its own NAND flash factory (and also sources elsewhere probably ) so cost structure is different..

    Then you have economy of scale. if you buy 10 million of those chips it's very likely a very different price than if you cut a supply deal for 3 years with committed volume of 200 million of various chips per year.

    so basically that article is a click bait...


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