Thursday, October 25, 2018

Lucid Vision Labs Demos Sony BSI ToF Sensor-based Camera

Lucid Vision Labs announces Helios ToF 3D camera. The camera has four 850nm VCSEL laser diodes and integrates Sony’s new DepthSense IMX556PLR BSI ToF sensor with 10μm pixel and high modulation contrast ratio. The camera can produce depth data at 60 fps with 640×480 resolution.

Our new Helios ToF 3D camera shows the potential for Time of Flight technology in a variety of industrial applications, including robotic navigation, 3D inspection and logistic automation such as bin-picking and package dimensioning,” says Rod Barman, Founder and President at LUCID Vision Labs. “Improved depth accuracy and precision at an attractive price point will enable many 3D applications to run more efficiently while reducing overall system cost.” The first models of the Helios camera will be available by middle of 2019."


  1. what is the depth resolution of such a camera?

  2. It's strange, since the screws are on the hand and they should have the same gray level in the distance image. Why they are always dark?

    1. I guess then reflectivity comes into play. The shiny metal surface reflects more dots away from the imager, compared to the more diffuse skin surface of the hand.

  3. Doesn’t look very accurate from the video demo: probably between 3-8mm depth accuracies?

  4. I would say the points are colored according to the signal intensity (or amplitude), i.e. kind of a gray sale image based on the IR-reflectivity.

  5. It is confusing, because now it looks like they are using a structured illumination for depth sensing, where the title is saying ToF.


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