Tuesday, October 23, 2018

ST Presents Pixel with 2 Memories for Automotive Applications

Autosens presents an interview with ST taken in Brussels in September 2018. Nicholas Roux from STMicro talks about a new NIR global shutter pixel with 2 memories for in-cabin automotive applications:


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  2. dual in-pixel memories :
    Hiroki Miura & al. “A 100Frame/s CMOS Active Pixel Sensor for 3D-Gesture Recognition
    System”, Proceeding of ISSCC98, pp. 142-143
    single in-pixel memory :

  3. The first subtractive sensor was made by Toshiba with dual analog memories in each pixel. It has been published in ISSCC. We have worked on subtractive sensor with a single pixel memory for face recognition, published in ESSCIRC 2002 !

    It's nice to see this concept coming back.

  4. Didn't understand from this video what's so special about 2 memories in a single pixel... :S

    1. with dual memories, you can sample 2 consecutive images inside with almost zero delay. For example, you can sample the first image with LED on and the second image with LED off, then you can get the difference between them. Since the ambient light is static in most of cases, then it can be removed. It's like you get LED lit image in a dark room ...


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