Monday, October 29, 2018

GPixel Expands its Global Shutter Sensor Range

Gpixel expands of its GMAX product family with the addition of two new 2.5 µm GS sensors for c-mount camera. The GMAX2505 is a 5MP, 2600 x 2160 resolution 1/2” sensor, while the GMAX2509 is a 9MP, 4200 x 2160 resolution 2/3” sensor. The new devices follow the 25MP, 1.1” GMAX0505 introduced earlier this year. Gpixel’s GMAX c-mount line up are all pin compatible and use the same pixel based on the world smallest 2.5 µm charge domain global shutter technology.

The sensors delivers a read noise of less than 1.5 e- RMS and DR of more than 70 dB. They also include advanced in-pixel light pipe technology for a shutter efficiency of 1/10000 and improved angular response. Offering full resolution frame rates of up to 292 fps at 10-bit output and 121 fps at 12-bit, both the GMAX2505 and GMAX2509 can support the 12-bit frame rate with half the LVDS data output pairs providing added flexibility in the choice of system FPGA. Housed in a compact 22 x 17.5 mm LGA package where the optical center matches the mechanical package center, makes them a perfect fit for 29 mm mini cube cameras.

We are thrilled with the significant expansion of our advanced global shutter c-mount sensor line up. It is a result of our ambitious plans to be a leading provider of high-quality industrial imaging solutions,” commented Wim Wuyts, Chief Commercial Officer of Gpixel. “Designed with leading camera manufacture’s input, the range matches our customers’ needs for flexible operational strategies that enables quick adjustments for different business and applications as well as savings on overall R&D implementation costs.

Mono sensor samples and an evaluation board will be commercially available from March 2019, with volume production planned for October 2019.

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  1. The weeks before Vision show are always nice, every time opening image sensor blog there are interesting news, so many product announcements in a few weeks... One product thats missing in my opinion is a 2.5u pixel sensor with small package overhead for smount cameras. There is very little offer for small global shutter pixel for M12/smount optics at the moment. But in the Cmount/29mm (or a few mm more or less) form factor the 5k x 5k of GMAX0505 are really cool, some smaller brothers with good price will certainly find customers. A bit more lines would be cool, maybe 4k x 4k or 3k x 3k (I am the "square sensors are cool" anonymous ;-), a 4k x 2k is a 2k x 2k sensor in our square readout region world. But I know there are many other markets that demand for rather 2:1 like form factors.
    Gpixel certainly is a nice new player in machine vision, I hope they can be successful in the next years


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