Tuesday, October 23, 2018

NIT InGaAs Gated Imager Demo

NIT publishes one more gated imaging demo based on its InGaAs Sensor having 640x512 pixels resolution at 15µm pitch:


  1. So the smoke bomb in the future should rise the environmental temperature to 100°F or above in case of detection by SWIR camera.

  2. In the second clip the scenes are different between left and right: different smoke figures and bypassing cars are not visible in the right side WiDySens footage

    1. It's gated imaging ; Everything in the forefront or the background of the temporal window (in this case ~ 15m) is covert

  3. Yes you are right but this is only due to the difference of synchronization when editing the video with a different frame rate for each channel. We do have the full video sequence for the 2 systems; you can contact us for more info if needed.

  4. Interesting result. All the active pulse system I have ever seen before, was built on the basis of Image Intensifier. I think due to the large depth of the potential pit, frame rate and wide dynamic range, you can programmatically get a very good result without the use of laser illumination..

    Distance to the bridge-9 km (rain)


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