Tuesday, October 02, 2018

LiDAR Startup Aeva Raises $45m

Wired, Verge, Axios: Mountain View, CA-based automotive LiDAR startup Aeva demos its coherent LiDAR prototype and announces $45m round A financing. The company was founded by two ex-Apple engineers in 2017. Not much is said about the technology side:
  • The LiDAR is able to measure Doppler shift with a few cm/s accuracy
  • Its range is 200m
  • The power consumption is less than 100W
  • No mechanical scanning
  • Also has a camera functionality
  • Costs in a range of few hundred dollars
We’re focused on delivering things now,” says Aeva cofounder Mina Rezk. “This is an architecture that we put together, that we know we can manufacture.” That means no exotic materials and using components that are well established and easy to acquire."

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