Friday, March 15, 2019

Anitoa Super-Sensitive Sensor Enables Compact Gene Sequencing q-PCR Machine

PRNewswire: Anitoa announces the Android mobile apps for its Maverick family of 4-channel qPCR system that can test 4 nucleic acid targets simultaneously in one sample, and up-to 64 genetic tests simultaneously in a 16-well model. When the Maverick qPCR system is connected to an Android smartphone or tablet through USB or Bluetooth, the Android mobile apps automatically detects and performs genetic tests for users who can benefit from getting actionable results within 30 minutes.

Maverick qPCR is light-weight, portable and lower cost, thanks to its proprietary and industry's most sensitive ultra-low light CMOS bio-optical sensor capable of 3e-6 lux low-light detection. The entire device weighs between 950g to 1.5Kg for 4/8/16-well models.


  1. This is not a sequencing machine

    1. What is the right name for this device?

    2. From my search, it's a quantitative-polymerase-chain-reaction (q-PCR) system. If I got it right, it is used to measure the amount of DNA present in a sample

    3. OK, thanks. I've changed the title.


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