Friday, March 15, 2019

Entropix Cloud Processing to Improve Moto Z2 Dual Camera Resolution to 100MP

BusinessWire: Entropix announces that it is collaborating with Lenovo to explore the potential of Lenovo’s dual sensor smartphone with Entropix cloud Resolution Engine and computer vision management system to develop an end-to-end hyper-accurate visual classification and recognition platform for a multitude of potential applications including enterprise security, retail, logistics and supply chain.

This collaboration with Lenovo’s Intelligent Devices Group will allow Entropix to provide a dual sensor edge visual capture system containing the benefits of a topline smartphone, with an open edge analytics SDK,” said Nathan Wheeler, CEO of Entropix. “When connected to Entropix enterprise visual and meta management software and cloud Resolution Engine, our customers can achieve recognition and classification accuracy at up to 100MP resolution on an easily deployable 4G and 5G scale.

The collaboration will feature:
  • moto z2 force smartphone with modified OS, dual 12MP color/monochrome camera
  • Qualcomm Neural Processing SDK for TensorFlow edge detection analytics
  • Entropix smartphone dual sensor computer vision image capture application
  • Entropix Resolution on Demand GPU cloud software service in Lenovo’s AI Innovation Center for processing resolutions up to 100MP for accurate classification systems
  • Enterprise visual and meta management system with SDK/API for easy application integration and enterprise deployment options

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