Friday, March 08, 2019

Sony Unveils 1-inch Sensor for 360 deg Cameras

Sony 9MP IMX533 sensor has 1:1 aspect ratio for the emerging market of 360 deg consumer cameras and camcorders. The new device features 3.76um BSI pixel for wider CRA of fish-eye lenses, 14b ADC, and is fairly fast to be useful in a video camera:

Update: It appears that Sony has already announced IMX533 sensor 1.5 year ago. Not sure why it's marked as new announcement and "preliminary info" at Sony site.

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  1. As an authorized Sony distributor of various sensors for factory automation, security, and AV applications, FRAMOS has access to documentation for the IMX533.

    It seems like the release of documentation to support mass production was relatively recent in early 2019.

    This is actually normal for Sony, since the initial announcement and the release of "Engineering Samples" (ES) sensors occurs several months before Mass Production (MP) devices are made available.


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