Monday, March 18, 2019

SiOnyx Color Sensor vs Night Vision Tube

SiOnyx publishes a video comparing its color night vision with Gen 3 photomultiplying tube:


  1. So, apparently this is an American company...

    have they used SONY A7S for this demo ??? It looks very similar.

  3. SiOnyx camera in the specified sensor size 1inch. In Sony A7r is a sensor size of 35 mm. The video is very noticeable that the color palette is shifted to pink, this suggests that the IR cut filter is not used at night. Also in the video is very clearly visible shadows from the full moon (as we all know, in regions close to the equator night sky is very bright), and therefore illuminate at least 1lux. You can buy a Chinese camera for 30$ (necessarily with Sony IMX327 detector) and f/0.95 lens (without IR cut filter) and you will get the same result :)


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