Monday, March 04, 2019

Smartphone Market News

IFNews quotes IHS Markit forecasting that Sony is expected to supply 150M sensors with 0.8um pixels. Currently, most of the 0.8um pixel product supply comes from Sony and Samsung with Omnivision expected to be ready in Q3 2019.

IHS Markit compares different triple-camera configurations found in modern smartphones:

IFNews posts Credit Suisse comparison of optical under-display fingerprint sensors with ultrasound ones:

Credit Suisse writes: "We also believe the proliferation of front-facing 3D-sensing for biometric identification will remain slow in 2019-20, given higher BOM cost and lack of other uses besides unlocking the device. Nevertheless, there will still be few new smartphone models adopting front-3D-sensing in 2019, as well as potential adoption for non-smartphone applications such as cleaning robot, smart doorbell, refrigerator, etc.

For the rear-3D-sensing with ToF camera, our checks indicate several Android smartphone brands have been developing this feature and could see a few flagship models adopting this in 2019, although there is doubt regarding the cost and end-application. However, we do not expect iPhone to adopt ToF camera in 2H19 models (it’s more likely to happen in 2H20), based on our checks on equipment delivery, supplier qualification, and capacity-build plans. We also do not expect 2H19 iPhone to adopt under-display fingerprint-sensing as there has been limited activity in the supply chain.

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