Thursday, March 14, 2019

Recent Image Sensing Awards

ON Semi receives a 2018 China IoT Best Innovative Product Award for its AR0430 CMOS sensor for its innovative design and rich feature set at this year’s IoT Star Awards organized by China IoT Industry Application Alliance.

The AR0430 delivers leading power consumption and scales with frame rate so users can have operational modes that produce 4MP images at less than 8 mW of power consumption. The AR0430 also incorporates proprietary Super Depth technology, comprising a CFA, advanced algorithm and micro-lens, providing a depth map of the area 1 meter in front of the image sensor. This depth map enables a range of IoT applications, such as gesture recognition and 3D models for AR/VR user experiences.

When operating in normal mode, the sensor generates a 4 MP data stream at 30 fps and requires just 110 mW of power. It also supports 120 fps output for slow motion mode yet consumes as little as 8 mW in monitoring mode.

Commenting on the award, Gianluca Colli, VP and GM, Consumer Solution Division of Image Sensor Group, ON Semiconductor said: “Our AR0430 is truly an innovative image sensor and stands out as an enabling technology for IoT applications. For that to be recognized and receive a Star of IoT Award, is a great honor. We will continue to develop innovative products and solutions to help our customers meet their challenges as well as contributing to drive the IoT industry.

Omnivision receives 3DInCites Device Manufacturer and Device of the Year Award with its next-generation OS02C10 Image Sensor for facial recognition in security cameras with artificial intelligence:

"Our new OS02C10 image sensor combines our breakthrough ultra low light (ULL) and industry-leading Nyxel™ near-infrared (NIR) technologies for the industry’s best nighttime camera performance, enabling designers to integrate facial-recognition AI in all lighting conditions.

Our Nyxel NIR technology infuses the OS02C10 with quantum efficiency (QE) of 60% at 850nm and 40% at 940nm, which is 2x to 4x better than the competition. This enables the use of less IR light in total darkness, resulting in an estimated 3x lower power consumption.

The OS02C10 also has a superior low-noise design for better ULL performance, achieving an SNR1 of 0.16 lux while producing 1080p HD images. Our proprietary dual-conversion-gain technology provides the industry’s best ULL performance, while the 3-frame staggered shutter minimizes motion artifacts and enables a 120dB high dynamic range.

Omnivision, Panasonic, GigaJot, and Eduardo Charbon (EPFL and TUDelft) win 2019 Image Sensor Europe Awards:

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