Thursday, March 14, 2019

Sony 7.42MP Automotive Sensors with RCCC and RCCB CFA

Sony publishes an updated flyer of its 7.42MP automotive HDR image sensors IMX324 and IMX424 featuring RCCC and RCCB color filters, respectively:


  1. Interestingly, and announced the binning of the charge (summation of the signal processing to the ADC as it does Gpixel) or software?

  2. who is Gpixel again? What is so surprising about binning pixels?

      Gpixel - manufacturers of scientific CMOS sensors.
      In binning there is nothing new, but binning CCD and CMOS is fundamentally different in that CMOS can not be summed charge to ADC. Therefore, binning in CMOS is not as justified as in CCD. Gpixel is probably the only one that allows you to summarize the charge to ADC. All the others offer only software binning. (standard CMOS when binning 2*2 gives an increase in sensitivity by 2 times, in CCD and some Gpixel sensors sensitivity increases by 4 times)


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