Thursday, March 28, 2019

e2v Announces Another 5MP GS Sensor

Globenewswire: Following 5MP sensor in Emerald family, Teledyne e2v adds a new 5MP GS sensor in its Snappy family for barcode reading, 2D scanning and other applications. Available in both monochrome and color, the Snappy 5M has a 1/1.8 inch optical format, containing a 2.8 μm global shutter pixel and able to output video at ~50 fps at 10 bits over a 4 wire, MIPI CSI-2 interface.

Snappy 5M is designed to enable fast, extended range scanning and includes powerful unique patented features and region of interest modes:
  • A Fast Self Exposure (FSE) mode automatically calculates the optimum integration time that is applied to the first image from the device. The mode is user programmable and provides continuous fast decoding, tolerating any kind of lighting or dynamic lighting environment. This is advantageous compared with conventional auto exposure methods, improving convergence speed and robustness.
  • A Smart ROI feature searches for barcodes in the image frame, and reports their locations as metadata in the image footer. The regions of the image containing barcodes are discerned from the background image to considerably reduce downstream image processing (FPGA/CPU/DSP) power, time and cost. Up to 16 different regions can be detected simultaneously. Other forms of repetitive signatures such as printed character strings can also be detected for document scanning and OCR applications.

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