Monday, August 10, 2020

Axcelis Purion XEmax is Fully Capable of 15MeV Energy

After initial misunderstanding with 15MeV and 12MeV statements in Axcelis announcements, I got an official clarification from the company:

Dear Vladimir,

I saw your recent article on our system and reference to energy range and I wanted to clear up any confusion. Our system does indeed have an energy range of 15 MeV. I just forgot to update the chart on slide 21 on our IR presentation when we posted earnings last week. That update to our website posting is in the process, thank you for noticing that. I’ve attached the press release on the product launch and the amended IR presentation for reference.

Sorry about the confusion, and thanks for providing such good coverage on the exciting image sensor market.

Best regards,

Maureen Hart
Director, Corporate Communications
Axcelis Technologies, Inc.

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