Monday, August 24, 2020

VivaMOS Receives £4.8M Funding for Low-Noise Wafer-Scale X-Ray Sensor

EENews: vivaMOS receives £4.8M (€5.3M) grant to develop an ultra-low noise X-Ray wafer scale sensor for optical astronomy and medical imaging. vivaMOS, based in Southampton, UK, spun out of the Rutherford Appleton laboratory in 2015 to commercialize the 6.7MP wafer-scale Lassena X-ray image sensor.

We’ve been involved in several other projects detecting signals from very low radiation sources. Although these have resolved information to a promising level, they’re not quite there yet,” said Dan Cathie, CEO at vivaMOS. “We know the sensor is best-in-class on noise performance and have committed to pursuing it further to see if a product can be developed through this SPRINT ultra-low noise optical astronomy project."

VivaMOS presentation in CERN in 2019 discloses some parameters of the company's Lassena sensor:

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