Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Omnivision Moves 2MP Sensor Production to 12" Wafers

BusinessWire: OmniVision announces the OS02G10 1080p30 security sensor with a 2.8um OmniPixel3-HS architecture. Compared with OmniVision’s prior-generation mainstream security sensor, it has a 60% better SNR1 and 40% lower power consumption.

OmniVision is using 12” wafers to produce this image sensor, instead of the 8” wafers that are in tight supply but are typically used for 2MP, 1080p sensors. This enables the company to better address the increasing demand for this resolution, which remains the most popular in the steadily growing market for consumer-grade, IoT security cameras, as well as low-end industrial and commercial surveillance cameras.

The OS02G10 builds on the success of our previous-generation OmniPixel 3-HS sensor, which has been widely adopted in the mainstream security markets,” said Cheney Zhang, senior marketing manager for the security segment at OmniVision. “With this new generation, we have significantly improved low-light performance while continuing to offer the market greater value in the popular 1/2.9” optical format.

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