Wednesday, August 05, 2020

Entangled Photon Imaging with SPADs

EPFL and Glasgow University publish Arxiv paper "Quantum illumination imaging with a single-photon avalanche diode camera" by Hugo Defienne, Jiuxuan Zhao, Edoardo Charbon, and Daniele Faccio.

"Single-photon-avalanche diode (SPAD) arrays are essential tools in biophotonics, optical ranging and sensing and quantum optics. However, their small number of pixels, low quantum efficiency and small fill factor have so far hindered their use for practical imaging applications. Here, we demonstrate full-field entangled photon pair correlation imaging using a 100-kpixels SPAD camera. By measuring photon coincidences between more than 500 million pairs of positions, we retrieve the full point spread function of the imaging system and subsequently high-resolution images of target objects illuminated by spatially entangled photon pairs. We show that our imaging approach is robust against stray light, enabling quantum imaging technologies to move beyond laboratory experiments towards real-world applications such as quantum LiDAR."

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