Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Assorted Videos: Omnivision, Omron, Polight, Wooptix, Senseeker, Ishikawa Lab, Bedabrata Pain

Omnivision publishes a Q&A session on its small size endoscopic sensor OH0TA:

Omron presents its ToF sensor applications in people monitoring:

Wooptix Imaging presents the Polight lens application in lightfield selfie camera in smartphones (via Android Authority)

Senseeker publishes a video about its Oxygen ROIC:

Ishikawa Lab at Tokyo University publishes a video on 1ms high speed image vision processing:

Sundry Dialogue publishes an interview with Bedabrata Pain who worked on the first CMOS sensors at JPL but later abandoned his technology career to start a new one in the movie industry:

"In 1990s, Bedabrata Pain was part of a team that invented the active pixel sensor technology that produced the world's smallest camera and has been inducted to the US Space Technology Hall of Fame. Now it is used from cell-phone cameras to movie cameras (such as those used by RED) to those in space telescopes. Bedo, holds over 90 patents and is an inductee to the US Space Technology Hall of Fame. He was an award winning senior research scientist at NASA and Caltech for over 15 years, till he quit NASA to become a film-maker."


  1. Omnivision OH0TA - part 1:


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