Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Jabil Develops 360-deg ToF Camera Based on ADI Reference Design

BusinessWire: Jabil announces that its optical design center in Jena, Germany, is currently developing a novel omnidirectional sensor for robotic and industrial platforms. By combining a custom optical assembly with an innovative active illumination approach, a new 3D ToF depth sensor with an industry-leading 360° x 60° FOV is being developed (data sheet states 270deg x 60deg FOV). The ground-breaking, solid-state design is one of several sensing systems Jabil’s optical business unit (Jabil Optics) is designing to support lower-cost autonomous mobile robotics and collaborative robotics platforms.

A mission of Analog Devices is to enable the autonomous mobile robot revolution by providing high performance and highly differentiated signal chains that bridge the gap between the analog and digital worlds,” said Donnacha O’Riordan, director of ADI. “The Jabil omnidirectional sensor is one of the most innovative implementations of the ADI depth-sensing technology we have encountered. Jabil’s wide field-of-view, depth-sensing approach is opening up new possibilities for human interaction with robots.


  1. Misleading marketing. Headlined at 360deg but only delivering 270deg. 360deg is "only" achieved by using 2 sensors. Still nice job - just misleading

  2. Thank you for the comment. You are correct the image we chose highlights the 270° version of the Omnidirectional sensor Jabil designed for the robotics industry. Many AMRs, AGVs mount the sensor at the corner of the robot platform causing 90° to face back into the chassis. As a result, the lens/sensor alignment and illumination architecture were optimized for 270°. Early prototypes demonstrated 360°. If you should have any further questions or notes, please feel free to contact us directly via jabil_jena@jabil.com.

  3. Does this use ADI's ADSD3100 or some other ToF chip?

  4. Yes, we are using an ADI chip. If you should have any further technical questions, please feel free to contact us directly via mail (jabil_jena@jabil.com).


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