Saturday, June 05, 2021

Sunrise Big Data on Market Shares

China-based market research company Sunrise Big Data reports CIS market shares in Q4 2020, as measured in shipment volumes (units):

"The domestic CMOS image sensor industry started late, because it is a large-scale mass-produced semiconductor industry with significant scale effects. It requires CIS suppliers to invest heavily in preliminary basic research and development as the basis for research and development, resulting in high industry entry barriers. Domestic players started from low-end products, and after years of catching up, the gap is constantly narrowing.

From the perspective of shipment volume, Galaxycore has taken the leading position, and Omnivision and BYD have performed well. In terms of the proportion of shipments, the top four players accounted for 86%. The industry concentration is extremely high, showing a leading monopoly pattern. The first-mover advantage is obvious. Among them, Galaxycore (23%), Sony (21%), Samsung (18%), Omnivision (11%).

From the perspective of shipments, domestic players have been able to equalize with foreign players. From the perspective of market share, Sony is still the well-deserved king, with a market share of 46%, and the market share of Sony, Samsung, and Omnivision exceeds 85%, and the degree of concentration is higher relative to the perspective of shipments. The main reason for the difference is that Galaxycore mainly uses CIS chips below 16M. Although the shipment volume is high, there is a certain gap between the single product price and the leading companies. Judging from the current competitive landscape, foreign countries mainly control the supply of high-end products, while domestic products mainly supply mid- and low-end products. In the future, domestically produced alternatives are mainly the direction of product upgrades."

Sunrise Big Data also publishes other interesting data, such as  market shares of camera module companies in March 2021:

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