Monday, June 21, 2021

ESPROS about Human Eye as a LiDAR

Espros publishes its CEO Beat De Coi's presentation at Autosens Detroit 2021 "The Human eye as an example for LiDAR."

"The performance of the human eye is awesome. It has a fantastic resolution, hence small objects can bee seen at long distances. It works very well in a huge brightness dynamic range and it is able to estimate distance. This in a system of two eyes and a dedicated computer system - the human vision system (HVS). There are many aspects of the HVS which outperforms any LiDAR system. However, the perfomance is based on a very clever designed system. Why not to use the human eye and the human vision system as an example for future LiDAR systems?"


  1. On autonomous vehicles, they have cameras of good resolution for 360 degree with illumination. AI processer recognizes objects with distance as humans do. So high cost low resolution no color ToF Lider will not be necessary.

  2. This is the strategy followed by Tesla in its cars. Nothing new.
    The stereo vision is not able to obtain accurate measurements of the distances when the distance is very large compared with the separation between cameras. Then this is good for short distances, but not for long distances.

    For long distances, the HVS is able to estimate the distances based in severals facts: perspective rules and a priori knowledge of the size of the objects. But this system is good enough in most of the situations but can be confused easily if the object are not the expected size or if the perspective is simulated but not real. This is good enough for day to day human life but isnot good enough for safety applications. At least is not safe by construction.


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