Friday, June 04, 2021

ST Licenses Metalenz Wafer-Level Optics

GlobeNewswire: STMicro and Metalenz announce a co-development and license agreement that will see ST develop manufacturing processes for Metalenz’s meta-optics technology for next-generation smartphones, consumer devices, healthcare, and automotive applications. Metalenz is a spin-out of the group of Federico Capasso at Harvard University. The new meta-optics technology is expected to be ready for mass production by the end of this year.

A camera built around this new flat-lens technology can collect more light for brighter images and produce images of the same or better quality than traditional refractive lenses while consuming less power and taking up less space.

ST will integrate Metalenz’s meta-surface optics technology into ST’s existing diffractive optics manufacturing process at its 300mm wafer fab in Crolles, France, leveraging ST’s position at the forefront of the NIR optical sensing market.

Eric Aussedat, Executive Vice President & General Manager of ST’s Imaging Division, says, “With its advantages in power, efficiency, and performance, multifunctional optics technology can be a game changer for the next generation of optical sensors used in smartphones and other consumer devices, as well as healthcare and automotive applications. In combining Metalenz’s advances with our proprietary technology, manufactured in our state-of-the-art 300mm production facility in Crolles, this partnership will support ST’s continued offering of the most innovative and advanced optical-sensing solutions to its customers.

We are thrilled to be working with an industry leader like ST. The technology developed by Metalenz is a perfect complement to ST’s advanced capabilities and market position,” says Rob Devlin, CEO and co-founder of Metalenz. “We adopted a fabless business model so that we can focus on the innovation and design of revolutionary optics to transform sensing from smartphones to automobiles. Working with ST enables us to expand our product offering while leveraging ST’s high-volume fabrication capability and enables ST’s already differentiated product lines to reach new heights with Metalenz inside.

"Low f/# telecentric imaging provides greater than 4X improvement in signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) in ambient light as a result of a 2-3X higher signal and also a 2X improvement in filtering noise. The improvement in signal is because telecentric imaging more uniformly illuminates the detector than traditional solutions since it has little roll-off in relative illumination across the field. The enhancement in filtering noise is the effect of a 0 degree chief ray angle, which enables a 2X narrower bandpass filter. A meta-optic is the only wafer level optic that can image a scene with resolution comparable to a high-performance refractive stack and with extremely low stray light."

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