Tuesday, June 29, 2021

Sony Presents 2.9um Pixel with 88dB DR in a Single Exposure

Sony announces the upcoming release of IMX585, a 1/1.2-type 4K CMOS  sensor for security cameras, which delivers approximately 8 times the DR of the company's conventional model in a single exposure. 

The new product belongs to the new “STARVIS 2” series featuring high sensitivity and 88dB HDR in a single exposure. It also increases the NIR sensitivity by approximately 1.7x compared to conventional model. The new sensor can also be used in multi-exposure mode, delivering a HDR of 106 dB.

Sony also plans to launch IMX662, a 1/3-type 2K resolution image sensor employing “STARVIS 2” to deliver an 88 dB DR in a single exposure. Samples are scheduled to be made available for shipment within this year.

Generally, in order to provide HDR imaging, multi-exposure image capture is required, and the multiple images recorded at differing exposure times are composited into a single shot. This results in issues with artifacts, which can cause false recognition when using AI, especially when capturing moving subjects. The new product adopts Sony’s new proprietary “STARVIS 2” technology, which delivers both high sensitivity and HDR imaging.

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