Wednesday, June 02, 2021

Image Sensors at 2021 TSMC Technology Symposium

TSMC Technology Symposium updates on the foundry progress in image sensors over the last year:
  • < 0.6um pixels are being developed (last year was <0.7um)
  • 12nm process for logic wafers in stacked process is not marked as one in development anymore, ready for customer use
  • 28nm process for stacked pixel layer is not marked as being developed anymore, ready for customer use


  1. What does it mean that 12nm is not in development anymore, it's been permanently dropped, delayed till next year or development completed?
    Same thing for 28nm stacked layer pixel process, has it been dropped or development has completed successfully and it's somehow moved to production or something?

    1. On the opposite, it's shown as fully available to the customers. See the 2nd slide.


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