Friday, June 18, 2021

Assorted Videos: Princeton Infrared, Trioptics, Algolux, Luminar, Teledyne e2v

Princeton Infrared publishes a nice demo of how the world looks in SWIR band: cigarette light like a projector, soldering iron like a lamp, black water, etc. The demo starts from 2:25 time:

Trioptics publishes a presentation on its active alignment in ADAS camera assembly and testing:

Algolux shows that AI adversarial attack can target only specific ISP types, leaving intact others:

Luminar introduces Blade, it's new generation flat profile LiDAR:

Teledyne e2v publishes a webinar on 3D vision with laser triangulation and requirements to image sensors for this application. The company claims that its Flash 2K (2MP, 1500fps) and Flash 4K ( 4MP, 1800fps) are best suited for that:

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