Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Rambus Presents its Imaging Projects at MWC

Tech Radar, Toms Guide met with Rambus at MWC to see its imaging offerings. Rambus says that its Binary Pixel is closer to market now, and provides a DSLR-like HDR in mobile form factor. The lensless imager prototype is as small as 200um and can reproduce Mona Lisa picture by post-processing light pased through a spiral-shaped grating:

Lensless camera prototype


  1. I would be interested to know the depth of field achievable without lens. Looks like pioneering work. Hope to see it enter mass production--I want one. Fitting choice of scene, it has been rumored that Da Vinci used a logarithmic spiral to frame her face and eyes.

  2. There IS no measurable depth to the field of focus. (DOF is a character of optical lenses, usually glass.) EVERY distance is focused to the same indistinct degree.


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