Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Samsung Promotes ISOCELL Sensors

Samsung published a Youtube video promoting its ISOCELL technology:


  1. Is 30% increase in full well enough to call this "the next big thing"?? I guess each new generation of Sony, OV, Aptina, Toshiba sensors show similar improvements. Isn't this ISOCELL technology hyper-advertized?

    1. The amount of hype displayed in this video is too damn high.

  2. I would not call it as big of a step as shared readout or BSI mass production. But looks like a good step. Also, Marty Agan was a colleague of mine at JPL (he was wireless (antenna design etc.) technology side communications engineering, I think. He worked at Photobit on the technical marketing side, then Micron, then Aptina and more recently Samsung technical marketing/sales. A good guy and definitely not a hype-ster. Samsung is fortunate to have him.


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