Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Varioptic Liquid AF Lens Reached Mass Market, Finally

Vision Systems Design: Varioptic and Datalogic announce the availability of Datalogic’s Matrix 300 barcode reader and PowerScan PD9500 HP mobile scanner with variable focus liquid lenses from Varioptic. Matrix 300 barcode readers are intended for marking applications including those in manufacturing, electronics, automotive, medical device traceability, food and beverage, and clinical lab automation applications. PowerScan PBT9500 HP 2D handheld area imagers are aimed to mobile scanning in warehouses, logistics, and manufacturing applications. Both of these devices feature a Varioptic liquid lens for variable focus from 5 cm to infinity. In addition, the lenses enable lower power consumption and higher shock resistance.

If I'm not mistaken, Datalogic is worldwide #2 in barcode readers, after Motorola Symbol. "The addition of Varioptic’s liquid lens with no moving parts to the PowerScan imager’s other advanced features allows us to offer an even more reliable product with higher performance levels," said Giulio Berzuini, VP and GM for the Hand Held Scanners Business Unit of Datalogic.


  1. I think Cognex used the lenses in a product a few years ago:

    1. Yes, seen this. Cognex is not really mass market.


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