Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Samsung Sampling Stacked Image Sensors, Production in Q2 2014

Business Wire, 1st Samsung Tomorrow post, 2nd Samsung Tomorrow post: Samsung’s new 13MP ISOCELL CIS features Smart WDR technology, which allows users to capture images at 30fps. With a mosaic pattern of multiple exposures, images are then processed with an advanced algorithm for wider dynamic range. This Smart WDR feature is based on Samsung’s advanced 65nm stacked process, where the pixel array is attached on top of the logic circuit. Samsung’s 13MP product is sampling now and is scheduled for mass production in Q2 2014.

Another newly announced sensor, a 16MP ISOCELL, has a 16:9 aspect ratio. This high-speed sensor captures full FOV 16:9 full HD (1080p) video at 60fps, and for the first time in the industry, enables continuous shooting of all 16MP at 30fps. Samples of the 16MP ISOCELL CIS are available now and scheduled for mass production in Q1 2014.

ISOCELL Explanation


  1. From my memory that SVE (Spatial Variable Exposure) is a patent of SONY, isn't it? How they manage the CFA? Maybe this is only for 1080p...

    1. Samsung is doing their form of SVE in the fabrication process of the sensor, with their own patented gating process technology. Plus patents they've had since 2007. These are trade secrets and SVE is actually like OIS (Optical Image Stabilization) only the desired effect for HDR or Optical Image Stabilization is what they are all after. How they achieve that is the only difference. It all serves to limit crosstalk within CMOS sensors.

      Sony isn't the only one attempting to come up with a solution for crosstalk with SVE and actually Fraunhofer was first. Fuji, Sony, etc and now Samsung have developed or furthered their own form of SVE (isolated gate array in CMOS pixel matrixs). Samsung's technology isn't just in the process technology of walling off (isolating) pixels though.

      They also proposed an algorithm that compensates for any other form of leakage or refraction that causes a lack of blacker blacks in pictures taken with this form of SVE methods. Just in case the isolation achieved in the fabrication process fails to take care of other forms of leakage. It's the fabrication Process... of physical gates that's patented... not SVE effects of gating pixels under Samsung ISOCELL Technology!

      Note: If you could patent everything about making sensors, you'd have monopolies and oligopolies killing innovation. Samsung alone (as seen in this linked report) would own the industry with wafer supply and most fabrication patents alone even in CMOS sensors! ....they aren't #2 in patents and R&D spending next to IBM for nothing you know?

      Original HDR.... SVE patent with references to both Sony and Samsung camera sensors (CCD by implication including CMOS as well since first patented early 2000's):


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