Saturday, February 01, 2014

Sharp Explains iSHCCD Improvements, Announces 1.3MP/30fps CCD

Sharp published a page explaining its iSHCCD and iSHCCDII improvements in the recently announced iSHartina line. iSHCCD features an improved microlens shape:

iSHCCD-II features improved IR sensitivity achieved by the deeper photodiode implants:

These two modifications give iSHCCD a significant QE improvement over the non-iSHartina CCDs:

Sharp also announces a new member of iSHCCD II family - a 1.3MP/30fps RJ33J3CA0DT.

Update: The links above have been changed to English version.


  1. Weel, it looks like exactly Sony EXView technology.

  2. How many CCD cameras are you planning to buy in the future? I expect you've seen PointGrey's comparison and IMX174. My answer: 0.


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